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MCC Works is a comprehensive fundraising and investment campaign that will generate revenue to support MCC’s three-part plan to transform the way the college serves our students and our communities. MCC Works is our mantra – our very essence. It serves as the theme of our campaign to re-align MCC for even greater effectiveness. An MCC education works for students as an affordable and effective way of helping them reach their career goals. MCC works for employers by providing a highly-skilled workforce. And at MCC, we work hard every day to fulfill our mission to prepare students, serve communities and create opportunities.

The MCC Works campaign is being led by five committed, community-minded local civic leaders: Terry Dunn, president and CEO, JE Dunn Construction Group; Terry Bassham, president & CEO, Kansas City Power & Light; Mary Bloch, community advocate; E. Frank Ellis, founder and retired chairman & CEO, Swope Community Enterprises; and Cliff Illig, co-founder and vice chairman, Cerner Corporation. These five campaign co-chairs will advise MCC and MCC Foundation leaders as we finalize the last few details of the campaign and will help us make connections with prospective investors. They will also act as ambassadors for MCC and MCC Works throughout Greater Kansas City for the duration of the campaign. We are very fortunate to have these capable, supportive leaders in our corner!


With funding from MCC Works, the five-campus college district will be better equipped to:

  • customize workforce education and training for business and industry, 
  • improve access to an MCC education for more students and increase the number of students graduating with an associate degree or career certificate, and 
  • improve our resources and services to better prepare students to meet the needs of regional employers and the community at large. 


Specifically, here are the three campaign priorities that align with these goals, including the subcategories for which we are seeking funding:


Priority 1: MCC Works for Transforming the Workforce: $6 million

Investing in transforming the workforce means investing in customized training and enhanced career and technical education resources with the goal of providing an even more relevant education that meets the needs of regional employers and our community. Specific components of this campaign priority include:

  • Priority 1a: Creating a Customized Training Fund to provide resources to further customize training and education to meet specific needs of the region’s business and industry.  
  • Priority 1b: Creating a Career & Technical Education Fund to enhance the equipment and expand the capacity of MCC’s career and technical education programs.
  • Priority 1c: Establishing a Workforce Transformation Center to house the customized training solutions created through the Customized Training Fund. 


Priority 2: MCC Works for Student Success: $8 million

Investing in student success means making an MCC education even more accessible to a greater number of students and providing an improved level of service and support to help more students graduate. Specific components of this campaign priority include:

  • Priority 2a: Establishing a Student Success Center on each MCC campus to enhance vital student support services. These highly efficient, state-of-the-art Student Success Centers, which will be created through renovation of 31,000 sq. ft. of existing space across all five campuses, will promote greater academic achievement, improved student retention and, most importantly, increased graduation rates.
  • Priority 2b: Creating Endowed Scholarships to provide even greater access to an MCC education for students with financial need.
  • Priority 2c: Creating a Francis Institute for Child & Youth Development Endowment to establish a permanent source of support for the ongoing efforts of the Francis Institute.


Priority 3: MCC Works for Teaching and Learning Excellence: $6 million

Investing in teaching and learning excellence means investing in the latest technology and high quality equipment and facilities to ensure that students are well prepared to meet the needs of business and industry. Specific components of this campaign priority include:

  • Priority 3a: Creating a Science & Technology Fund that will enhance the college’s science and technology resources and support projects such as the renovation of science labs at MCC-Longview, the expansion of veterinary technology facilities at MCC-Maple Woods, and the creation of bio-manufacturing and cyber security labs at MCC-Business & Technology. Gifts to this fund will be managed under the guidance of the Foundation board, who may decide based on the contribution level that a board-designated endowment will be created to provide funds for science and technology needs.
  • Priority 3b: Creating a Campus Improvement Fund to support needed renovations throughout the District. Examples include renovating the Public Safety Institute at MCC-Blue River and renovating the campus center at MCC-Penn Valley.  


As you can see, the MCC Works investment campaign represents considerable potential for Metropolitan Community College to transform the way students are taught and prepared for the workforce and the way faculty, staff and administrators are equipped to simultaneously educate students and support local employers’ needs. We are counting on the support of our MCC family and our external constituents and prospective funders to bring these important priorities to fruition. MCC, the MCC Foundation and, most importantly, MCC students thank you in advance for your contribution to MCC Works.

Last Modified: 10/26/15