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Why are we having a campaign?

The purpose of the MCC Works campaign is to raise private philanthropic support that will fund strategic objectives of MCC. A summary of the MCC Works campaign priorities is enclosed. At a high level, the campaign supports the following key initiatives: 

  1. Student Success: funds raised will increase scholarships for prospective students and enhance support for current students.
  2. Teaching & Learning Excellence: funds raised will enhance resources used by students and employees that will, in turn, enhance the overall teaching and learning environment.
  3. Workforce Transformation: funds raised will support customized training solutions and enhanced career and technical education resources.    


MCC currently has three main sources of revenue: 1) tuition and fees, 2) state appropriations, and 3) local tax revenue. The MCC Works campaign is aimed at attracting a fourth revenue source: private philanthropic support from organizations and individuals in the Kansas City community and beyond. This new funding stream will augment our current revenue sources for the betterment of the institution.  

Is this considered a capital campaign? What is a capital campaign?

A capital campaign is a fundraising effort focused on raising money for buildings, generally to create a new facility or renovate an existing one. Capital campaigns are typically narrowly focused. Our campaign is very broad, and therefore is not considered a capital campaign. MCC Works is considered a comprehensive campaign (sometimes referred to as a major gifts campaign) in that it is structured to seek philanthropic support for all campuses, and the initiatives include not only facility renovation but also support for scholarships, programs and endowments.

Will my contribution be withdrawn from my check automatically or may I write a check at the appropriate time?

You may choose either option – it is entirely up to you. You may choose the convenience of having your gift withdrawn automatically from your paycheck, or you may write a check or provide a gift by credit or debit card. All of these options are outlined on the enclosed MCC Works Family Campaign Commitment Form.

If I give using the payroll deduction option, does this mean my gift won’t be taxed?

No. Taxes will be applied to your wages as usual and then your gift will be deducted. This is referred to as an after-tax deduction, and therefore your gift amount will appear on your paycheck in the “After-Tax Deductions” section. All donations to the MCC Foundation are 100 percent tax deductible. The MCC Foundation will provide you with a gift receipt that can be used as documentation to itemize these gifts on your tax return.

When does my pledge take effect?

Your pledge will take effect during the fiscal year 2015, which begins on July 1, 2014. In the future, we will check in with you on an annual basis to see if you wish to make any changes to your pledge. 

What is the difference between a gift and a pledge?

A pledge is a promise to pay. A gift is the act of making this payment and fulfilling a pledge. During the Family Campaign, we are asking MCC employees to consider providing a pledge (promise) to provide a gift sometime during the 2015 fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2014. You also have the option to provide an immediate gift via a check or debit/credit card, if you prefer.

If I choose to make a large donation, can that amount be made in payments? 

Absolutely! We welcome the payment of any gift in installments. You may choose to spread the payment of your gift over the entire year (or multiple years) with equal installments that are withdrawn each pay period. This option is included on the enclosed MCC Works Family Campaign Commitment Form.

May I start my own fund?

Sure! The purpose of the fund must fit within the mission of the college and the minimum amount required to start a new endowed (permanent) fund is $10,000. This amount can be pledged and paid over multiple years, and other donors can join in by pledging to the new fund and paying over multiple years as well. 

Who is being asked to support the campaign besides the employees?

In addition to all MCC employees, all MCC and MCC Foundation board members are being asked to participate in the MCC Works campaign. And, of course, organizations and individuals in the Kansas City area and beyond will be asked to participate. This includes, but is not limited to, businesses, foundations, individual philanthropists, alumni and friends of MCC. In order to maximize the potential that these constituents might give to our campaign, we (the MCC family) are making our commitments first.   

Have the board members and the officers already made their pledges?

As fellow members of the MCC family, officers and board members will be making their pledges during this Family Campaign timeframe.

How much should I give to the campaign?

That is entirely up to you. You are encouraged to give at an amount that is comfortable and meaningful to you. For ideas and inspiration on how to arrive at this amount, please refer to the enclosed Ten Creative Considerations for Giving.

To what areas may I give?

The possibilities are nearly limitless. The MCC Works Campaign Commitment Form outlines three broad options:

  1. give to an existing scholarship or program fund,
  2. give to a campaign priority, or
  3. give to the MCC Annual Fund.


If you would like to consider giving to an existing scholarship or program fund, many choices are available. You may view all of the possibilities on the enclosed MCC Scholarship and Program Funds listing. If you prefer to support one of the MCC Works campaign priorities, please reference the enclosed MCC Works Campaign Priorities Summary for options. Or, if your preference is to give a gift that is applied to the greatest need within MCC, you are encouraged to give to the MCC Annual Fund. You can even designate your annual fund gift to a particular campus to use for their area(s) of greatest need.

After I give, will my name be published anywhere? Will I receive recognition for my gift?

Yes, unless you request to give anonymously. The names of all donors to MCC are published each year in the MCC Annual Report. A district-wide MCC Works committee – the Donor Recognition Committee – will soon be formed to help determine how all donors to the campaign will be recognized. 

Can my gift be anonymous?

Sure. Just be sure to note this request on your commitment form.

Last Modified: 10/26/15